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Heidi McLeod

Massey University
MA Student Human Geography
I study Human Geography at Massey University, where I am completing my Master’s thesis on small-scale food growers.  I’ve channelled my personal foodie interests into understanding food regimes, commodity chains, systems and practices that bind up the way the world grows, exchanges, and consumes food. My study and current research focuses on agricultural practices in Aotearoa New Zealand, the potential of alternative practices, the extension of diverse community economy models, and the social benefits that accrue alongside environmental benefits. As a dominant player in the global agriculture market, we have substantial stakes in our own success.
I would like to continue with a PhD next year, and then combine my past communications qualifications and public sector work experience to contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand’s nuanced performance in global food systems, while also improving what is available here at home in Aotearoa New Zealand.